It might be a bit TMI to post this part of our conversation and might be a little scary too if my boyfriend eventually sees this here. You see, Jose is a very private person. I learned that early when we were just friends back in 2009. He’s not really the type of guy to show affection to anyone publicly. Fast forward to now, 2017, he’s still not that showy but he seem to have changed somehow and now exerts effort in showing his feelings and that’s a great thing for us especially I’m his complete opposite so it’s a win-win.

The smell of fresh cut flowers woke me up in the early morning of February fourteenth. And as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw beautiful red roses lying beside me. I instantly got off and hugged the man who made me smile and greeted me first thing in the morning on this special day. Indeed, a happy valentine’s day!

Later that night, I asked him a question (as seen on the screenshot of our conversation above). I asked him the real reason why he bought me flowers. I was really curious if he did it out of society’s pressure, or out of guilt that I may feel lonely if I didn’t receive any, or if he really just felt like doing it. And I was taken aback by his reply. My heart really jumped for joy!
He took a photo of it riding in the passenger seat even wearing a seat belt as he drove home that morning after his graveyard shift. He even captioned it “Tara uwi na tayo “. He’s just the sweetest!

As if those roses weren’t enough, he also brought home pancakes and a hot choco. I laughed slightly when he told me that the hot chocolate was apparently his valentine chocolate for me haha! Actually it’s not the first time that he did this. I remembered he once gave me a big bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup for Valentine’s!
This special day is not only for girls. It’s for everyone. So as for my part, I also gave him Valentine presents! I bought him his favorite Dunkin Donut choco butternut munchkins and also his favorite chocolate Kit Kat.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect something from him this year’s Valentine’s. I know that we’re going to have a date, that’s for sure. But receiving this pricey stuff is something I haven’t anticipated unlike our previous years when I was more emotional and sentimental and I felt lonely and unloved if he forgets to make an effort that day. I think our relationship has already grown matured and more rock-solid that these materialistic stuff aren’t needed to validate us. And we’re both more loving to each other now and that’s an amazing feeling to have.

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