I missed family outings. When my mama started to work abroad about nine years ago, my papa’s the one left to take care of us. So every weekends or holidays, he would take us on places and beach resorts hours away from our home so we could spend time together and to relax and unwind after our busy weekdays. Not that we’re not going out when mama’s still here but it’s just that papa is more adventurous and well he’s the only one left in charge now so why not go and have some more fun trips!In the last week of May, he told us we’re spending the weekend in Matabungkay beach resort located in the seaside town of Lian, Batangas. Even though it was on such short notice, I felt excited! Our family friend Kuya Melvin, along with his fam bam, was with us too! For us adults, the best things about this mini vacation are the food, relaxation, catching up, and of course the unlimited karaoke! For the kiddos who are with us, they don’t really care about the food, all that matters is swimming time hahaha! Another reason we’re going here was papa had to see an old friend to catch up with and discuss about business-related stuff. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, huh? And another great thing is that his friend (and his wife) own the resort so we were lucky enough to have a free accommodation! We insist on paying them but usually, we can’t really say no to Filipino hospitality. We were really grateful for them and we enjoyed our stay there so we might get back actually!

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