Happy eight years to us! We’re celebrating our anniversary every June 16th of the year. And a few months ago before the month came, we were thinking where to celebrate it and we thought it would be fun to fly and travel out of town again just like how we celebrate last year’s at Cebu (which by the way, I have yet to blog here, hahaha).
So I find myself browsing through Air Asia and Cebu Pacific sites again figuring out what place could be the most convenient for us considering our work schedules and of course our budget for the whole trip. I initially opted for Mindoro or Romblon but I remembered having a bit struggle that time since seat sale has been announced so after so many tries on booking every place available, I finally successfully booked! And it was a flight to the city of love – Iloilo.We arrived in the evening and we were welcomed by people who are all smiles and very friendly! It feels like you can trust anybody there and be friends with them instantly! They are so calm and easy to talk to. Well, I was not actually shocked by this because my mom is from Bacolod (city of smiles) and she has so many relatives residing in Iloilo so I’m quite familiar.

We were really hungry when we got there but unfortunately, all restaurants and food places were already closed and there were no fast food chains open nearby. Robinsons has also already closed. It was almost midnight when we arrived and we had no choice but to eat at the only store open – Ministop! It was our first time to try out their rice and chicken meal and I can say it was still good even the food is not so fresh anymore and you can really feel the heat of the microwave haha!

12:00 am struck and it was already June 16. There we are, eating our dinner in a convenience store, still feeling happy and fortunate that we found some place to eat, capping our day with chicken, soda and chitchat and laughs – still the most romantic anniversary date.

After having a few experience from our recent travels, we thought it would be practical that we’ll just stay in a more affordable place this time most especially we’re just here for two days. And we’re curious with what is “Go Hotels” since we always noticed that on our travels so why not experience it first hand to know how it differs from the other hotels. Plus, I thought it was convenient too because it is just adjacent to Robinsons Iloilo. It’s actually their budget hotel brand, as I read here.

Batchooooooy! One of the top things you should have while in Iloilo! This one’s from Ted’s.

Passenger boat going to the island of Guimaras.Batchoy again and again! These are from Deco’s. We also tried to dine in here in Mang Inasal Iloilo and it was the cleanest I’ve ever seen! Went to Guimaras Island and we fell inlove! I’m sad to say goodbye, Iloilo. I didn’t even get the chance to visit Islas de Gigantes 🙁 I’ll come back! And I’ll make sure I’ll stay long enough to appreciate more of your beauty on my next visit.



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