Jose and I had a last-minute plan of celebrating our 9th anniversary together last June and thought that it will be kinda hard for us to fly out of town because of our both busy schedules so we thought of an alternative in which we still get to go out of town but not by a plane – but by a bus instead. After considering a few places to go to, we finally decided we’re going to Baguio – the City of Pines!

Firstly, because it is now more convenient to travel going up there. Second, because our anniversary always falls on a rainy season so it will be nice to have some cuddle weather and unwinding moment. And lastly, because this will be our first time to go there together! Let me share with you here my memories with him in this beautiful, breezy, Baguio.

We were welcomed by a few of these nice tall and green trees covering up the sky.

We arrived in Baguio around six in the morning and I had woken up to this lovely view.

The hotel we’re booked for our first day wasn’t available yet early that time – our official check-in time is two in the afternoon, so we found an affordable place to stay and rest for a few hours that morning and we tried booking here in Travelite Express, and it didn’t disappoint! The place is clean and cozy, with aircon, tv and basic essentials you’ll be needing.

After getting some few hours of sleep, we had to check out from Travelite Express around 12 noon so while waiting to check in to our next hotel to go to, we went to SM Baguio and had a stroll and had lunch.

And visited the famous and gorgeous Session Road, too!

Busy Session road at night – best time to visit!

We also tried going to the night market and buy some pasalubong, but sadly, Tantamco’s already closed by evening so we just bought from the other stores still open.

Even just a short time, we surely had a comfy stay and quality time together in Baguio. ♡

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