It was just one of those random nights – no special date or a holiday to celebrate, just one of those times I feel a sudden urge to go out, have an unplanned dinner date with my love. I was feeling under the weather one night and I felt like I’ve been exhausting myself from work and I just needed a quick time out and just go out and treat myself.

I was googling “Where to eat in Manila?” that time and it just so happened that a new restaurant had just opened at the Conrad Manila in Pasay and we’re stoked to try it out! I’ve read in some blogs that this one’s famous for their hand-cut steaks and fall-off-the-bone ribs! We had good food and quality time – it happened to be a special night for us.

Unli peanuts! While waiting for our order, we enjoyed munching on these nuts and we were joking around and we got one nut and kept it in my wallet as a souvenir for this date. This was one of those expensive dates that we don’t usually have so I believe we deserve to get and keep a peanut haha!! Up to date, that nut is still happily sitting inside my wallet.
I only realize it now while I’m writing this that my arms were bigger last year! And yup – this is a long overdue post. I’m a lazy ass, never updated personal blogger.After dinner, we had a late night stroll around the place and captured this beautiful night scenery!

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